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Az anyag makroszkopikus viselkedése 1. Gázok A Maxwell-Boltzmann eloszlási függvény.

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1 Az anyag makroszkopikus viselkedése 1. Gázok A Maxwell-Boltzmann eloszlási függvény

2 1. Folyadékok Felületi feszültség

3 1) When a wire loop attached to a cork/hanging mass combo is placed in water, the apparatus floats with the wire loop well above the water line because of the low density of the cork. When the apparatus is pushed under water, there is a net force up because the buoyant force on the apparatus is greater than its weight. Here, however, this net force is shown opposed by an equal force - the surface tension on the wire loop - which can keep the bulk of the apparatus under water. 2) Objects denser than water can be shown to float if the surface tension is large enough

4 Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Walls Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Walls (PERS Walls) represent a technical advance in basic Rain Screen Wall construction. PERS Walls incorporate air chambers that are individually vented to equalize air pressure, thus eliminating the forces that drive water inward (gravity, surface tension, capillary action or wind). (kiemelés tőlem) Véletlenül jött fel a surface tension-ra keresésnél, áttételesen érdekes

5 figure 1. Capillary tubes in action. A felületi feszültséggel kapcsolatos jelenség: kapilláris hatás

6 Ionos folyadékok Some ionic liquid structures have already showed clear industrial potential. a, [bmim] + is the cation of the ionic liquid [bmim][Al 2 Et 2 Cl 5 ], which acts simultaneously as both solvent and Lewis acid in the catalytic dimerization of butenes developed by the Institut Français du Pétrole. [Hmim] + is the cation of the ionic liquid [Hmim][Cl], which the BASF team used during the synthesis of an alkoxyphenylphosphine. The in situ formation of the ionic liquid allows the removal of the acid simply through gravity separation 4. Nitrogen atoms are purple, carbon atoms grey, and hydrogen atoms white. b, The BASIL reactor showing how the reaction mixture separates. The upper phase contains the solvent-free pure product, and the lower one is the ionic liquid.


8 Ha oldott anyag is jelen van: (l. később)

9 Kristályok 1D 2D


11 Phthalocyanine Clathrate of Cubic Symmetry Containing Interconnected Solvent-Filled Voids of Nanometer Dimensions Neil B. McKeown, Saad Makhseed, Kadhum J. Msayib, Li-Ling Ooi, Madeleine Helliwell, John E. Warren Angewandte Chemie International Edition Forthcoming Articles Pages NA Chem. Eng. News: October 24, 2005 Volume 83, Number 43 pp. 62–64 Cubic Assembly Encloses Nanovoid Bulky groups enable macrocycles to pack as nanocubes rather than columnar stacks Az építőelem: koordinációs vegy.

12 Rutile included in quartz resembles blonde hair and has a prismatic form or an acicular, needle-like habit.


14 Röntgen-diffraktométer


16 - X-ray Structure of a Ruthenium Dinuclear Complex Incorporating 4,4'-Bis(Cyanamidophenylethynyl)Benzene as a ligand, a conjugated Bridge Two Nanometers in Length. E.Sondaz, J. Jaud, J.-P. Launay and J. Bonvoisin Eur.J.Inorg. Chem. 2002, 8, 1924-1927X-ray StructureEur.J.Inorg. Chem.2002, 8, 1924-1927

17 További válaszok a Google-ban, “X-ray structure”: szinte mind protein!


19 Szublimáció Instant ételek: freeze drying (liofilizálás). Spagetti. Balra szárazon, jobbra felengedve

20 Szuperkritikus szén-dioxid: környezetbarát extrahálás - green chemistry Basic flowsheet of supercritical carbondioxide extraction with fractionated separation

21 Koffein

22 Ozmózis Az elv:

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24 A kémiai kötés kvantummechanikai alapjai











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