Az előadás letöltése folymat van. Kérjük, várjon

Az előadás letöltése folymat van. Kérjük, várjon

The official language of our country is Hungarian.

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2 The official language of our country is Hungarian.

3 In the past mainly Slavic, German, Latin and Turkic languages influenced the Hungarian language. We borrowed many words from these languages. Nowadays we also adopt foreign words, mainly from English.

4 Hungarian is a Uralic language. It belongs to Finno-Ugric branch. It is the most widely spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe.

5 We can study English at my school.

6 Ajándék lónak ne nézd a fogát Do not look at the tooth of a gift horse. You shouldn’t look a girt horsein the mouth. Bagoly mondja verébnek, hogy nagyfejű. The owl tells the sparrow that her head is big. Éhes disznó makkal álmodik A hungry pig dreams of acorns Maga alatt vágja a fát. He cuts the tree under himself. Kecskére bízza a káposztát He trusts the goat with the cabbage. Sok lúd disznót győz. Many geese overpower a pig. Sokat akar a szarka, de nem bírja a farka The magpie wants too much, but her tail is unable to carry her. (She overestimates her power/capacity/strength. Sötétben minden tehén fekete. All cows are black in the dark.

7 Hungarian has several dialects but they are not so different as to make understanding difficult. The only such example may be the dialect of the Csángós of Romania.That dialect represents an old and archaic version of our language. Hungarian literary language is based on the Northeastern dialect In this image you can see the main dialects of Hungarian language nyugat-dunántúli =West Transdanubian közép-dunántúli–kisalföldi =CentralTransdanubian dél-dunántúli =South Transdanubian dél-alföldi =South Alföld palóc nyelvjárási régió=Northwest(Palóc) Tisza–Körös=Tisa-Körös északkeleti =Northeast mezőségi székely (in Romania) moldvai (in Romania)

8 Petőfi Sándor József Attila Kölcsey Ferenc Arany János

9 Jókai Mór Gárdonyi GézaMolnár Ferenc


11 What about immigrants?Which languages do they speak?Do they stick to their own languages? Hungary is not a significant destination of immigrants in Europe.Two-thirds of immigrants( who mostly come from Ukraine and Serbia,) speak Hungarian as their mother tongue. 8 biggest immigration groups living in Hungary in 2010 1. Ukrainian 18,932 2. Chinese 14,345 3. Serbian 12,594 4. Russian 5489 5.Vietnamese 3,790 6. American 3,469 7. Turkish 1,900 8. Iranian 1,767 At the beginning of 2010 2513 African citizens were living in Hungary. Although most of children in immigrants families a are bilingual, they study in Hungarian public schools.

12 ---The accents: Á É Í Ó Ö Ő Ú Ű ----diagraphs: CS DZ DZS GY LY NY TY SZ ZS

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