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Busch-Hungária Kft. Overview.

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1 Busch-Hungária Kft. Overview

2 Brief history Rába Foundry built in 1972
Joint Venture Rába Automotive Holding – M.Busch GmbH & Co.KG (member of BPW group) JV contract signed: Start of operation: Capital Stock 20 Mio. € Investment in new equipment Shares 2008: M.Busch 74,5% Rába 25.5% BPW Group Shares 2010: M. BUSCH + BPW Wiehl 100% ( )

3 The owners 1. BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft
Leading manufacturer of axles and intelligent suspension systems for the commercial vehicle industry Founded in 1898 Production sites worldwide: 10 Employees worldwide: 5.000 2. M.BUSCH GmbH & Co. KG Grey iron foundry of the BPW Group Main products are: brake discs and drums, flywheels, transmission casings Founded in 1830 Employees: 500

4 Where we are? Wien Győr Budapest

5 Products

6 Melting Equipment ABP Melting furnace 7,5 t / Hour Induction
Investment 2000 ABB Holding furnace – 60 T Tundish Cover Treatment

7 Core Shop Equipment Laempe core making machines (Cold Box)
Automatic blender Automatic coating conveyor Core drying cabinet Röperwerk core making machine (for small batches) Investment 2. Core box size 550 x 700 x 900 mm

8 Moulding Equipment Künkel-Wagner moulding line 115 Flasks / Hour
AIR PRESS Technology  impulse compression Künkel-Wagner sand preparation (150 T / Hour) Investment Flask size 1000 x 1100 x 350/250 mm

9 Pouring Equipment PUMA pouring robot Investment 2011 Syncron pouring
Process monitoring system Investment 2011

10 Shot blasting and grinding
Equipment Conveyor Line (M&N) Shot Blasting (WGT) Clansman Manipulator Automatic camera control system Automatized grinding (Robot) Investment

11 Material quality Standard qualities Special qualities
GGG650-6 (Rm=650 MPa, A5=6%) Advantage: - Higher resilience - Weight reduction

12 Process control Laboratory
New sand laboratory (Simpson)  Investment 2011 New Spectrometer (ARL)  Investment 2011 New mechanical laboratory  Investment Tensile test station (INSTRON) Automatic microstructure examination (SPEEDXT3)

13 Process control Process monitoring SPC-SYSTEM
Investment 2012 – data collecting system Measuring system GOM optical measurement (ATOS GOM2) Investment 2012 Automatic camera control 100% control

14 Product Management / Planning
Personal 3x CAD Engineers (Pro-E) 2x Project managers 1x Technology planning German / English Software Pro-E, Creo Windchill MagmaSoft

15 Qualifizierung ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2008 ISO/TS 16949:2009
Planed: October 2012

16 Production Increase of melting capacity: 7,5 t/h => 13 t/h

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